The Sarkars We already got married!

Birmingham 15th of April, 2017

Birmingham, UK on the 15th of April 2017

We will have more details soon!

Birmingham is a place that we both hold very dear to us, and of course, it is where all the Minjoy magic began. We are so very excited to confirm that our wedding reception will be held at the amazing Birmingham Impact Hub on the 15th of April, 2017 . The evening will again include lots of food, music, drink, more food, people  and even more food.

Please RSVP by 15th of March using the form below, we will update this page soon with hotels and things to do in Birmingham.


Our Itinerary

Pre-Partayyy: I am going to say that we will definitely be busy busy bumble bees setting up the impact hub late Thursday (13th) evening, all Friday and Saturday morning in preparation for the party that night! Knowing us, we will probably have left everything last minute, so it will be a mad scramble. We are not sure how much free time we will have to spend with you during this time. But we will try our best to organise get together meals. You are more than welcome to come give us a hand too :).

Wedding Party: The party will begin late afternoon and will continue until the early hours of the morning. Do expect lots of food, drinks and entertainment. More information to follow soon!

POST RECEPTION: Joy and I will spend most of the Sunday cleaning and tidying Impact hub. Feel free to come give us a hand. We would appreciate any help!

Will you join us?

If yes, YAY! Now, please complete this RSVP form only if you have received a personal invite from us.  We will specify on your invite if partners are welcome. If you are unable to attend, then pooey! You don’t need to fill out this RSVP form. Please RSVP by 15th of December 2016 latest. Thank you and we hope to see you there!!

PS. If you are looking at this page on your mobile phone, please turn your phone to landscape view (wide) to see the green register button.