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Kolkata – Your Trip

Getting in & around Kolkata

From the airport, we strongly recommend that where possible, arrange airport pick up from your hotel. Other options are paid taxis that you can arrange inside the airport but still make sure that you clue up on potential taxi scams to avoid being a victim of one. Once in the city itself, we highly recommend that you use Uber. You will need to rely on data service to request a driver and to use the GPS so that the driver can find you. We have personally used this service and found it to be safe and very cheap (15 minutes for 1 AUD or 50p GBP). Please note that some areas are not mapped properly. But for major attractions and landmarks, you will be fine.


We have listed a selection of lodgings that is located close to the Sarkar residence and venue. These places range from budget to high end to suit all tastes. No worries if you would prefer to search for your own accommodation. You can use the Sarkar residence as a point of reference, it is in the Kasba district of Kolkata where we will be spending most of our time. Remember to refer to our map for the hotel locations.

Leela Resorts and Hotels – This is where we will be staying. If you are interested in staying here with us, please message us ASAP so that we can add you to the list. These are the options:

  1. 2 bedroom flats with two bathrooms (about 10,000 INR)
  2. 1 bedroom flat ( about 7000 INR)
  3. Studio suite (about 6000 INR).

Joys’ parents will pay the hotel up front to reserve the room for family and friends. Joy and I will then collect the hotel money when we are all in India to pay Joyjit’s parents back. Please only reserve a room if you are definitely coming, otherwise Joy’s parents will lose money if you decide to cancel last minute. Rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis. So if there are no rooms left, you will need to arrange your own accommodation.

JMC Inn : Budget hotel which is situated quite close to the Sarkar residence!

Orkos Hotel – This 4 star hotel is situated near the Sarkar residence. Take a sneak peek.

Elite Acropolis Hotel – This is advertised as ‘international guest friendly’ (ha ha). Check the map for locations. It is not too far from the Sarkar residence but you will still need to take a taxi.

Park Plaza : Apparently a 5 star hotel with decent prices (if you compare to 5 star hotels internationally). Check the map for hotel locations as this one is not super close to the Sarkar residence or venue.

Gateway Hotel – This 5 star hotel is situated between the venue and the Sarkar residence. Take a sneak peek.

ITC Sonar Bangla – This is another 5 star deluxe hotel. It is situated further away from the venue and other hotels listed above.

Oyo rooms – This is a link to a website with different hotels around the Kasba, Kolkata area. At a quick glance, the hotels listed look OK but make sure to do your own research if you decide to book one of these hotels.

Things to do in Kolkata

We have put down a few suggestions as recommended by Ankita, Joy’s cousin who has lived and breathed Kolkata.

Click on the pictures of interest for more information!

Howrah Bridge: Ankita says to take a boat ride on the river Hooghly to get great views of the bridge
Kumartuli: Ankita says that this is where clay idols of hindu gods and goddesses are made. It is one of the 7 wonders of Kolkata.
Belur Math
Victoria Memorial
Princep Ghat: Ankita says that you can take boat rides from here
Marble palace: built in 1835!
Eden Gardens: Ankita says this is the 2nd largest cricket stadium and 4th largest in the world!
Rabindranath Tagore's house: Rabindranath was the first non european to win the nobel prize. There is also a museum attached.
India Coffee house which is found on college st: Ankita says that it has been said that there is no book that won't be found on this street.

For more information about Kolkata checkout Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor.

Some Tips for India and Kolkata

  • You will need a visa to visit Kolkata. Click here to apply online. The processing time is generally 3 days. Make sure to read all the information on this website thoroughly as the indian immigration can be picky.
  • We recommend that you arrive a couple of days before the reception to get used to Kolkata, as it is a very busy city
  • Be warned, Kolkata is amazing for food but watch out for Delhi Belly, or in this case Kolkata Belly! We strongly recommend that you avoid street vendors/markets no matter how amazing the food smells!
  • Do not drink water from the tap!! Only purchase bottled water and use this even to brush your teeth. Check that the seal is not broken!
  • The indian rupee is a closed currency: this means that you can only buy or exchange rupees in the country. So make sure to exchange all your rupees before you leave India!
  • There are a lot of mosquitos! Make sure to bring insect repellent and check with your doctor if you need malaria tablets.
  • Bring a good supply of stomach medication like pepto bismol and immodium.
  • Consider adding data specifically for international use on your mobile phone. Kolkata is not an easy place to find your way around without google maps.